Visual Mitigation, 2016, 2 channel digital video.
10 minutes 50 seconds

In Visual Mitigation, a 2 channel video emulates the visual inspection of the power station in accordance with it’s official method to ‘remediate the landscape’ in order to mitigate the visual effect of radiation upon local amenity. By citing the type and cover of species prominent within each periphery circulating the site, the power station begins to apply to an aesthetic demeanour in order to ‘visually soften or screen’ the sense of longevity that nuclear energy will invariable have upon the locality for years to come.

Autonomy in the Anthropocene is an on-going project specific to the geo-political context of Bradwell Nuclear Power Station, located at the mouth of the River Blackwater, Essex. It is principally concerned with the dichotomy of power generation methods attributed to this concentrated region and how, in effect, globalised nuclear culture is realised in a tangible and localised context through various interpretations of time, perspective and governance.

In its first iteration as an accumulative visual archive, it presents nuclear culture specific to this region in its broadest form in order to enquire upon the complexities of simultaneous and contradictory narratives that are gathered here in a representational space. This is with the intention to decentralise the role of the artist as author, and to work cooperatively. With this disparity in position, the project aims to consider various methods of resistance, critical dissemination, community and sovereign as a time specific response to the inclusion of Bradwell within the UK government's new nuclear programme and the possible development of a second generation nuclear power station.

With the longevity that this necessitates, the project will seek to work and implement itself in a socially embedded context, with particular emphasis on collaborative and cross-discipline initiatives. Evident across numerous media’s including video and archive material.
Los Angeles, Calif.